A local dental group is stepping up in a big way for those who served and continue to actively serve our nation in the military.

Whitewater Oral Surgery Group, who I shared just a few weeks ago was providing free, professionally made mouth guards for children, has just unveiled their first 'Smiles For Soldiers' program.

This program plans to provide a "full-arch restoration" to an active duty military member or veteran right here in the Treasure Valley. The procedure is life-changing and could really make an impact on a local hero's life.

Full Arch Restoration is a great alternative to removable dentures and is perfect for patients needing multiple teeth replaced.

We applaud Whitewater Oral Surgery Group for putting together this giveaway and hope that you'll share their goodwill with a veteran or active duty military member that could benefit from this!

All you need to do is submit a simple application and a photo of your smile and teeth.

For the application, click HERE.

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