When it comes to philanthropy and giving back, the Treasure Valley comes through 100% of the time. Or should I say 100,000 times. A party is being thrown in your name as a thank you for being so giving and helping local non-profits.

Last year at Live for 175, an energetic group of people from a place called Even Stevens came up to us and talked about philanthropy through sandwiches. We put their sticker of fingers making a peace sign on our computers and went about our business.

Throughout the year, we would stop by Even Stevens for whatever reason - the sandwiches were good, there was a live band we wanted to see or the party tots and mimosas were the only thing helping a Saturday night hangover. It felt okay to do drag our butts out of bed because we knew that our sandwich purchase means one would be given to a local non-profit.

In just a little over one year, the Treasure Valley has donated one hundred thousand sandwiches.

Let's party!

You're invited to celebrate yourself and your good deeds with Even Stevens today and tonight downtown Boise. They'll hand out t-shirts, they've hired a DJ and they're all about chatting up the non-profits they work with.

Even Stevens Sandwiches

815 Bannock Street

Boise, ID - at Freak Alley

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