I’m about the write the words no parent could ever imagine speaking. I lost my child. When I say I couldn’t imagine what that could feel like, I mean it. I can’t physically or emotionally comprehend what losing a child would actually be like. Sure, I could try. The grief, the anger, the helplessness, wondering if I could have done something different to keep my child safe. But I know it’s something I couldn’t truly understand unless it happened to me. Unfortunately, there are parents that live here in Boise, and all over the world that know exactly what feels like to lose a child. People like Taylor Badzic whom I received this message from on Facebook.

Hello 103.5 KISS-FM

I am writing you today to see if it's possible to share my daughters story! My daughter Ajla, passed away at 6 months old at St. Luke's downtown. When she died, we didn't have the opportunity to spend precious time with her because of the natural process that occurs after someone dies. I would have been able to spend time with my daughter if a Cuddle Cot was in the PICU. A cuddle cot is a device that helps control temp and humidity to delay the process after death. It allows families to spend much needed time with their baby. Unfortunately since they aren't necessary, hospitals rely on them to be donated. I am raising the funds to purchase one to be donated to the PICU at St. Luke's in memory of my daughter. I'd love to spread the word and get as many donations as I can. You never know when tragedy can strike but when it does it's best to be prepared!

Now, I can honestly say myself or KISS FM has never asked our listeners for money. Even during Live for 175 our annual Child Abuse awareness event we don’t fund-raise. But Taylor story spoke to me and I hope I speaks to you as well. Though I can’t comprehend what it would feel like to lose a child, I know I would want to do something positive in my child’s name, and if that something brought a sense of peace to other grieving families, I would do exactly what Taylor is trying to accomplish. Taylor has teamed up with Little Joys Remembrance Foundation in hopes to place a Cuddle Cot at St. Luke's. It and looks like they still have a significant way to go.

If you feel compelled to donate to Taylor's Go Fund Me here

Read more about Ajla Joy's story here.

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