There's something about Coach Pete that simply resonates with the Treasure Valley. Even if you aren't an avid Boise State football fan, it's relatively difficult to not root for and like one of the winningest coaches in college football.

During his time at Boise State, Chris Petersen more affectionately known as "Coach Pete" was the leader that took the football program from good to great.  Some would argue that during this tenure, the Broncos were among the best in the entire nation--at one point, being ranked as high as #4 in the nation.

Once Coach Pete left us for the "big time"--the University of Washington--it seemed that many Boise State fans adopted the purple and gold of the Huskies to continue to root for him. He was such an active member in our community that made a nationally acknowledged program accessible to everyone. He was the example of a true leader.

After several successful seasons at the University of Washington, Coach Pete has now found himself working in an administrative role with the athletic department there. A guy with serious character--he was true to form when he announced his resignation as head coach for what was, more or less, a step towards a better mental health situation for himself--he didn't see himself being in that role anymore--for his own well being.

Now, we're excited to hear and share that Coach Pete will be coming out of that administrative office of his to contribute to a greater conversation in college football.

He'll be doing so on TV!

Just announced this week, Chris Petersen will be joining Fox Sports' television team this fall as a member of the "Big Noon Kickoff" show. Earlier this year, they added Bob Stoops to the program--Petersen, of course, coached (and won) against Stoops in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, Boise State's signature victory.


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