The Boise foothills are among some of the most important trails and areas in the Treasure Valley for many--they're what make Boise, Boise. When you're on a plane and headed into Boise, let's be honest: they're some of the ugliest things you've ever seen. Brown hills speckled with sage brush and locals know, laden with disgusting rattle snakes. Spend any time in the area however and you will grow to appreciate their beauty-- they provide amazing hiking trails, a refreshing escape from city life, and offer unparalleled views of beloved Boise.

You may recall a few years ago when Boise's Table Rock broke out in flames it was totally devastating--and totally preventable had fireworks not been lit in a prohibited area. Fears were rising of a similar situation less than 24-hours ago.

Photos first began to surface online as the sun was setting and it was terrifying to see:


  As it got darker in the Treasure Valley, more and more photos surfaced that has many of us frightened:    


It was images like these that reminded us of the night homes and property were damaged on Table Rock.

It didn't take long at all for Boise firefighters to respond--and extinguish, what ended up being a 15-acre grass fire. Even better news: no foul play started the fire as officials suspect it had to do with lightening.

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