It isn't often that we write to tell you about a flight cancellation from the Boise Airport. In fact, it seems like lately, I've been writing about all of the new flight additions and direct flights coming TO Boise, making our booming city a lot more accessible.

Today, Horizon Air as announced that they're discontinuing their flight service to and from Lewiston, Idaho--a northern Idaho flight hub.  In fact, the Lewiston airport is the only of its kind serving northern Idaho.

According to Alaska Airlines (who is the parent company to Horizon Air), flights to Lewiston are only averaging 60% full. The cost to operate out of Lewiston is apparently no longer worth it to the airline. Flights are set to end on August 25th. The nearest airport after this discontinuation, will be the Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (which offers service to Seattle).

Trying to get to Lewiston from Boise? Well, you're going to need to fly into Spokane and drive south (for two hours) now.

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