It was a Sunday morning and I was walking out of Waffle Me Up Downtown, An officer on a bike was standing outside, I said hello and it turned into a conversation. As I walked away I noticed his name tag said Bones. Yes, it was Chief Bill Bones who is credited for turning BPD around. Needless to say I was impressed with his approach and it was easy to see why he had so much success as the top cop in Boise. Chief Bones retired in October and left some big shoes to fill, today Mayor Lauren McLean announced the new Boise Police Chief. Here's what she had to say...

“We are excited to welcome Chief Lee to Boise. After conducting a nationwide search for the right fit, we are confident in his abilities to lead the Boise Police Department. His leadership is welcome now more than ever during this challenging time. His commitment to public safety and approach to accountability, transparency, and community engagement fit so well with what residents expect of their police department,” Mayor Lauren McLean continued... “We know he will be a great, inspirational leader to the team of police professionals Boise is lucky to have.”

The city council does have to vote Chief Ryan Lee in but since they have been involved in the search it's most likely a done deal.


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