Sure, trying to pick up a shiny new Playstation 5 or XBox Series X can prove to be a difficult undertaking. They're nigh impossible to find. Prepare yourself, because some of your favorite items at the grocery store may become just as sparce.

Don't take our word for it. The Trader Joe's location in Meridian featured a sign on their door Monday that read the following:

Due to shortages and shipping issues from weather along the West Coast (Washington, Oregon and California) we are unable to receive what we ordered for you! This is primarily affecting produce, dairy and meat, but all sections of the store have been hit.


Why the shortage? What's going on? Unfortunately, it's more of the same issues that have been facing businesses worldwide for a while. Global supply chain issues, understaffing due to COVID-19, and heavier-than-average winter storms are all keeping deliveries from showing up on time, if at all.

Ok, that sucks. Is it going to get any better anytime soon? Not according to Albertsons CEO Vivek Sankaran:

Omicron has put a bit of a dent on that. So there are more supply challenges, and we would expect more supply challenges over the next four to six weeks.

Does this mean we should all panic and go buy up boatloads of toilet paper (and in turn make everyone in the store hate you)? No, but you should be prepared to have a few items turn up missing on your list for the foreseeable future.

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