Labor Day has passed, football season has started, and the sunset is getting earlier and earlier. Fall is right around the corner, which means cooler temperatures. It's sometimes easy to forget, with all the "good news" in the Treasure Valley, that there are families that struggle to make ends meet. Things we take for granted (like coats) are hard to come by. But Boise hip-hop artist Mill Bill is out to change that.

Mill Bill has started a fundraiser called Wild Nation For Kids Without Coats This Winter. Bill said in a Facebook conversation that he is targeting less fortunate kids providing hoodies and coats. He's on a mission to "give back to this community" and be a "positive force"

I'm still raising money for the less fortunate kids this winter and Id like to start buying their hoodies and coats the first week of October
So if you have anything to help with the cause that would be much appreciated by them. Literally, I have 4k friends so if everyone put in $1 we would be able to help 100s of them. Thanks for your support

You can sign up and donate through the Facebook Fundraiser page here




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