Remember books? People are still buying them, but not enough to keep certain jobs safe in Boise.

Due to a slump in sales, Barnes & Noble are making layoffs nationwide, including their Boise location. While it's not known how many employees were released from the Boise store, it's certainly not the only location feeling the pressure. A spokesperson for Barnes & Noble elaborated:

[Barnes & Noble] has been reviewing all aspects of the business, including our labor model. Given our sales decline this holiday, we’re adjusting staffing so that it meets the needs of our existing business and our customers. As the business improves, we’ll adjust accordingly.

Perhaps the layoffs are due to the fact that sales actually decreased in the 2017 holiday season. Or because B&N just hired a new Chief Merchandising Officer on Monday, February 11th. Maybe we'll never know the exact reason or how many people are going to be released down the road. Either way, former employees are not taking their release lightly.

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