It's the kind of story that most would only expect to come out of Boise--and now it's melting the hearts of thousands on the internet and beyond.

Charity is so important to our community--and giving, whether it be to the less fortunate or to the greater good, has always been something that stitches the Treasure Valley together. There is always a story of good to be told in our great city--but today, a local 11-year-old is a hero, an inspiration, and the story that we all needed this week.

We want you to meet Oliver Andrus, an 11-year-old boy here in Boise that decided he wanted to do something for charity. His acts took things to the next level.

Oliver setup a box in his front lawn and sat in it--for 24-hours--just to draw attention to the needs in our community and his charity of choice? The Habitat for Humanity--an amazing international and local charity that builds and improves homes for families in need in our area.

Housing? In Boise? It seems Oliver is in touch with what's hot in our city these days.

Credit: Erika Andrus
Credit: Erika Andrus

As you can see above, Oliver built out his box and even designed it to look like a vehicle--because of his dedication to the cause, Habitat for Humanity can continue to work towards getting families out of vehicles and boxes and into HOMES.

Below is a glimpse at his sign--


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With a goal of $1,000--Oliver proved just how powerful his "stunt" for charity was-- now raising over $2,500!!

May we all be inspired by Oliver today--and find it in us to do a good deed for a stranger this week.

Check out this video of Oliver, recapping the mission, below: 



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