When you see a picture of his beautiful face followed by his mom's facebook post that reads, "Worst fear became a reality.  He is gone.  Details later.  It's too painful.  I love you son.  R.I.P."


Destin Frank grew up in Boise and followed his dreams of serving his country but those dreams could not help vanquish the battle he had going on inside of him.  A battle that so many misunderstand.  Destin was serving as a Petty Officer 2nd class for the USSBN 742 Wyoming where he and his fellow sailors were under water in submarines for months at a time  These conditions caused stress and anxiety that eventually led Destin to take his own life.  Medication is not an option because the military wants and needs clarity.


Destin went to Boise High School and ran track and field.  He was the type that would, instead of crossing that finish line first, even though he could, would stop to help those who've fallen or injured themselves.  Destin wanted to be a doctor and chose the military as a way to help pay for his education.  Unfortunately, we will never see how great this young man would have become.


Destin's chief sent this message to his mother Bridget in the days that followed...

Destin meant a lot to us and I know he meant so much more to you and the rest of his family.  He was doing very well at his job and was one amazing sailor.  I am so very sorry that we didn't see this coming.  He was very concerned on what people thought of him which I think made him very good at his job but he was obviously hiding something that troubled him deeply.

We are holding a memorial tomorrow to help his friends and shipmates have some closure.  If there's anything you'd like me to say, I can do that for you.


As Destin's mother, Bridget Frank took part in the Out Of The Darkness walk in Meridian, Idaho yesterday, she was blanketed with friends, family, and people from all over the country who wore purple, brought pictures and signs, and walked in Destin's honor and the honor of so many others who have struggled or are struggling right now.


Destin will receive full military honors at Cloverdale Cemetery in Boise, Idaho where he will be laid to rest next to his grandfather.  As we all move forward, I ask you to remember his mother's first words...

Worst fear became a reality.  He is gone.  Details later.  It's too painful.  I love you son.  R.I.P.


Too many are crying out words so similar.  This has to stop.  We have to recognize and start understanding.  We have to be proactive and we have to make a difference.  We can no longer sit back and ignore this, casting blame and thinking this will not effect us.  It is effecting us.  All of us.  The world is a lesser place without this young man and we need to take responsibility.  Life is too precious.

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