Erica opened a clothing store in Boise and is creating her own private label in the back. The goal is for Voxn to be the most recognized brand in Idaho. There's a meaning behind it and and adorable place she started from.

When the Bronco Shop moved to it's new location (777 W. Main Street - I couldn't just not mention it), I wondered what was going in it's place. I stalked the area for a bit, wandered through The STIL once or five times and eventually saw that Voxn was opening. What's Voxn?

First of all, why am I so nosey?

Voxn isn't just a regular clothing store and I think that's what makes this place so interesting. Voxn  was a word created by Erica Becker, the woman behind the store. Every letter V-O-X-N represents a brand she has previously worked for and is a nod to strong, hardworking women.

If you've ever been out with me when I'm around people I don't know, I just start asking questions. I'm curious about everything. Where did you come from? What do you like? Who are you? What are your dreams? There's just so much. It's no different when it comes to rad women who open clothing stores in downtown Boise. I just rattled off all the things I wanted to know about this new store in our city and found out a lot about the owner behind the new place and the new clothing brand.

credit: Voxn Clothing
credit: Voxn Clothing

This is where I grab a drink (let's pretend), sit back and ask all the questions.

When did you move to Boise? I see that you didn’t grow up here.

I moved to Boise in November 2015. My partner had a job opportunity out here and I was ready to leave California and go to a city that had a similar vibe as Iowa.  I visited Boise and thought is was a cool place to live.

What made you want to stay?

When we first came to Boise, I had a hard time adjusting. I had a career in fashion and I kept striking out finding opportunities in fashion out here. That is a part of how Voxn came about. I knew what I wanted to do and I know there are people like me out there want an opportunity in fashion, but can’t seem to find it.

Was this something you always wanted to do?

Since I was a little girl, I was making runways out of Christmas lights and dresses out of bed sheets. I worked with my mother who was a professional seamstress. She taught me about garment construction, sewing techniques, and patience. As long as I can remember, this is something that I have wanted to do.

What made you feel like you could just open a store and go for it?

I have always been taught to follow my instincts and my instincts are telling me that Voxn will be a beautiful place for the community to shop, gain experience, be entertained, inspired and make memories.

Explain the concept of your store.

Voxn Clothing is a boutique like no other. We offer shopping selections of various brands and we are in the process of designing our private label. The store is set up to be turned into an even space where we can have fashion shows with lights, music, and drinks from a local caterer. All the shows will involve local stylists and local models.  Voxn Clothing is a hub for gaining experience and being inspired.

credit: Voxn Clothing
credit: Voxn Clothing

What kind of feel does your store have? What kind of people would like shopping with you?

Our store has a millennial, trendy, chic vibe. As a millennial myself, and still working a full time job, I understand that need for your wardrobe changing into something you can wear to work and out in the Boise nightlife.

You’re starting your own line of clothing – can you elaborate on that?

I went to school at Iowa State. I moved to California to get experience as major labels. I worked for Obey, Asics, Oakley, and major film producers in Hollywood. It has been something I have always wanted to do. My experience in sportswear and Boise is a very athletic town that we should have an active wear label that is indigenous to the area.

What kind of clothing can we expect to see?

You can expect to see athletic wear that would be great to wear on a hike, to yoga class, for dance etc. Unique pieces that are also practical and can be worn as various styles.

I hear you’re hosting your first fashion show this fall. When are you thinking? What goes into it?

I am shooting for October. I haven’t set the exact date yet, but I have lots in the works. A lot goes into a show. You have to be very good a planning, be able to be adaptable, and have management skills. I have directed many fashion shows in the past. I remember the first fashion show that I was in and how it inspired me. I want to give that to other people.

Are you looking for people to be in your fashion show?

Yes, models, dancer, musicians, stylists.

What goes through your mind when you watch shows like Project Runway?

I actually competed at Iowa State’s Project Runway with the winning designer as the judge. I placed first. When I watch Project Runway, it reminds me of school. Tight deadlines, no sleep, lots of coffee. Haha.

Why do you think Boise is ready for a store with a concept like this?

Boise is a great place! People here are great and the community is awesome! I think Boise has always been ready for this! We just needed someone to take the reigns and blaze the trail to make it a reality for all of us.

Let’s live in a dream world for a second and fast forward a few years – what does life look like?

Awesome! Life looks like Voxn Clothing is the most recognized brand in Idaho. You will see someone wearing Voxn when they are rafting, out for a run, on a bike, on the mountain, yoga class or even walking their dog. We have multiple locations and we work with multiple wholesalers throughout the country. We have a larger and even more awesome team with a warehouse and design headquarters. We are respected employer because we believe in taking care of our employees and offering unique benefits to make their work/life balance tolerable.

In true "girlfriends chatting over drinks" fashion (see what I did, there) we learn more about each other. Erica goes on to say:

My parents deserve credit in a sense, they taught me a lot and I think them enrolling me in sports really shaped my personality. But, I have made this happen for myself with strategic planning and my own money. I started working when I was 14.


My dad is an engineer and taught me how to problem solve, think logically and be inventive and my mom is a high end seamstress and taught me a lot about garment construction, creativity, and patience. They guided me to be independent at a young age. Both of my parents are insanely smart.


My young years of school, I was a very good athlete and I was elected to represent our school district in Arts, Science, English and Technology competitions.


I started dabbling with running a business when I was 11 through walking dogs in the neighborhood with friends and some of my siblings (I am the youngest of 5).  When I was in high school I did photography and graphic design. In college I did graphic design and screen printing on t-shirts.

While in college I placed first in numerous competitions including ISU Project Runway, Jackson Pollock Mural Restoration Release Fashion Show, the Institute of Art, and I even had a design aired on "MTV Made."


I move to California and landed jobs with major sportswear labels including Obey, Asics, and Oakley. It is surreal to come to Boise and go to the mountain and see people riding around in sportswear that I worked on or walk through a store and see garments I worked on, or see a website or instagram and seeing photos for the photo shoots I assisted with.


As for website, marketing, IMS, coding, accounting etc. I taught myself a lot of these things. I love to read how to do things and I absolutely love to learn. I am actually pretty introverted.


I have always been a risk taker. I wouldn't say that my friends and family think I'm crazy for doing this, they have been very supportive and they know that when I want something, that I will go for it. Haha. It's nothing new to them.


I feel so much less cooler but really in need of some retail therapy!

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