There's no question our city is in the midsts of change. Just years ago, Boise wasn't exactly known for being will "hip" but over the past decade or so, the "hipster culture" has started, grown and one could argue even thrive in the city of trees. So much so, Trip Advisor just named Boise one of the 14 coolest hipster neighborhoods in the country.

If hipsterville were a place, it would surely look a lot like Boise’s busy, tree-lined 8th Street area near downtown. Take a stroll through Harrison Boulevard with its quaint historic homes, ending up at Camel’s Back Park to climb the sand hill for great downtown views. The Freak Alley Gallery is a hidden gem, where local street artists paint huge murals in an open-air alley that is free and open to the public 24/7. And if brunch is your favorite meal, explore the nearby downtown area on a Sunday Brunch Tour in Downtown Boise.

Boise joins major cities like LITTLE FIVE POINTS (ATLANTA), LAWRENCEVILLE (PITTSBURGH), MONTROSE (HOUSTON), WYNWOOD (MIAMI), and BALLARD (SEATTLE). Those are some pretty big places to be on the same list as.

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