Happy 4th of July Weekend extended. I just got back from a weekend away. Roads were clear and that means camping has begun. Enjoy the heat and in the meantime, I found these lost Boise Music Festival Moments - Austin Mahone and The Band Perry.

The Band Perry
Photo by: Kekeluv

The Boise Music Festival came and just like that it's over. The BMF hangover is real for our staff in so many ways. You have no idea how much planning goes into jumping off this music festival without any problems. I could give you some insight like Flo Rida was doing this and missed a flight or The Band Perry went to the wrong city. Then again, I'm not sure if I can REALLY do that so I'll wait on that sweet dirt.

I will tell you Sean Kingston was rockin' some cheetah satin underwear and Flo Rida really DID ride around the show on his bodyguard's shoulders while hoisting a fan on his lap. Yes, that really happened!

I heard people complain about the heat but you have to realize that Summer hadn't really tested us yet. 86 degrees is the perfect festival weather 😎. The ONLY problem with that is our body isn't quite ready for warm weather yet considering the abnormal long Winter we endured.

I think the Boise Music Festival went great and the acts killed it. Check out these photos of The Band Perry and Austin Mahone. If you have any photos please tag me @kekeluv on Instagram. Enjoy! 💋

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