Are you ready for the Boise Music Festival? The all-day annual music festival is headed back to Expo Idaho from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, June 23rd. BMF has created an "early bird" special for pre-sale prices on the tickets.

That means you can get a festival ticket for a low price before they announce any artists line-ups. This benefits you tremendously and here are a couple reasons why.

The Boise Music Festival Line-Up

It's all about the announcement! I've been in these meetings for the last eight years and it's all about negotiations. I can say there have been discussions with Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber and this year is going to have an EPIC lineup.

If someone who has football ties who also had an album come out this year and at one point was in a boy band is announced for Boise Music Festival, you'd better bust out that credit card yo!

How much did you pay for those Boise Music Festival tickets? - your friend

I paid $20 during 'early bird' deals, you? - you

I'll go ahead and guarantee it won't be $20 bucks! That's how these things work and it's all about who is routing in the Northwest. If they have to drop big coin on a BIG headliner because it's a chance of a lifetime, those tickets won't be $20.

As we get everything in place for our artist announcements, let's just say you'll want to get your tickets before prices jump!

Take a moment to at least check out the details and prices for all levels. Click HERE!

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