Reddit, at times, can be a strange place--then again, the internet as a whole is a very strange place. Often times, you may come across things that are funny, things that are informational, and things that just make you scratch your head. It isn't uncommon to come across someone that treats "the internet" as gospel and doesn't have any desire to critically examine what it is that they're reading or search for source credibility. It's safe to say that on the internet--you see it all.

One anonymous user on Reddit is sharing an "open letter" on just how much they miss "home"-- Boise.

It's no secret--one people move away, there are some things that are universally missed: 

6 Things People Say They Miss the Most After Moving from Idaho

Would you miss any of that? One user on Reddit is saying that simply, they miss it all. 

The user shares some background: 

I left Boise 15 years ago after graduating from Boise State and joining the military. I try to get back every few years and despite all the change that has gone on, it still feels like home...

Well, why not come home?

I wish I could find a job that would allow me to afford to return home. I don’t need ridiculous-east-coast-metropolis-cost-of-living money, but I do need maintain-my-modest-lifestyle money, which sadly is not offered in the vacancies I see posted and while home prices are still lower there and where I am currently – salaries are much too low to make those affordable.

If this isn't something we are hearing a LOT of. Young adults and families alike that grew up right here in the Treasure Valley--"back when that was just a field"--are now finding themselves unable to make home, home. What a predicament.

You can read the full post for yourself, HERE.

What solutions do you think there are for Boise?

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