He's an Olympian, a YouTube star, a publish author, an entrepreneur, and a CEO. He also just happens to be a native to our own Boise, Idaho and a graduate of Bishop Kelly High School.  You don't need to be a fan of track and field to know the name.

We're talking about Nick Symmonds.

Symmonds was the Boise pride and joy for not one but TWO Olympics.  In the Beijing 2008 games, Symmonds made it all the way to the semi-finals in the 800 meter race. During the London games in 2012, Symmonds finished fifth in the finals--the same year that a world record was set in that same heat of the 800 meter race.

If anyone knows about the Olympic village, it's Nick Symmonds and every four years, we hear all sorts of rumors. What goes on in that village? Are the beds really that uncomfortable? Is the food any good?

But let's talk about the real rumor that just always seems to pop up...

Do they REALLY pass out hundreds or perhaps thousands of condoms so that the athletes can have wild and crazy sex during this time? You always hear that hormones are "raging" among the athletes.

Well, in a recently published video, this Boise Olympian had plenty to say.

According to Symmonds, the entire village essentially needs to have everything an athlete would ever need. Everything from access to FedEx Shipping to stores, supermarkets, and more. The village is meant to be totally contained so that the athletes never need to leave and can prepare for the games. Really, it all just sounds like a college campus with athletes running rampant.

Symmonds goes on to explain that the swimmers were notorious partiers and the track and field athletes often had to be the most disciplined as those events are the very last of the games.

But what about the condoms and the hook-up culture?  In short, he basically implies that what happens in the village, stays in the village.

Nick Symmonds brushes over this real quickly by saying:

"while that might be true..."

Before quickly saying that HE never participated in the craziness of it all because it was all about race prep.

Curious to see Symmonds' take on it all, check out his video, BELOW:


Want an exclusive throwback look at some Olympic action? Keep reading, below: 


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