Some of my fondest memories as a child was when my mother would take me down to the local skating rink. It was great, I got to burn off a ton of energy, hear great music (Will Smith Big Willie Style) and play video games. The best part was the feeling of freedom I received out on the rink. It feels like as I got older, skating rinks started to disappear. But thanks to a local family, Boise will soon rediscover how awesome a skating rink is.

The Treasure Valley welcomed a brand-new roller rink to town last weekend.
The location - 4712 West State Street in Boise - will already be familiar for a lot of families. The space was occupied by 20th Century Bowling Lanes for over 50 years until it closed last June.
The site had been in development for about a year while the building was renovated and restructured into the 20,000 square foot roller rink.

How awesome is that! They will even have a full-time Dj (although I a little disappointed they never reached out to me). No worries! This will be something fun to do and a family-friendly event I can participate in with my daughter Phoenyx.

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