We proud dog lovers 'round these here parts. For this writer, my dog has gotten me through four states, one wedding, and three Adele albums. To say there's love there is a vast understatement. So it breaks our hearts to read about our neighbor's dogs being attacked, especially after you hear some of the details.

Barbara Henderson's dog was attacked while hiking the Boise Foothills trails in Hulls Gulch. By a coyote. Scary, but not completely unheard of in that part of town.

That was the first time her dog was attacked by a coyote. The second time is much more frightening.

The second time her dog was attacked, it was in her own backyard. Even worse, it happened in the middle of the day. Henderson and her dog don't live far from their initial hiking spot, and she believes it was the same coyote committing both attacks.

I don’t like to spread fear but within the last three months my dog has been attacked twice by this same coyote. “Enough neighbors have had interactions (with the coyote) and been worried that it was worth saying something.

What makes the story even more traumatizing is Henderson describes the coyote as "ungodly huge."

It goes without saying that if you live anywhere near the foothills, please use extra caution when taking your dog outside, and don't let them out of your sight.

Barbara Henderson's dog was extremely lucky to survive two different coyote attacks. Not all puppers are the same. Keep an eye on them, will ya?

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