It's one of my favorite summer activities right here in the Treasure Valley: floating the Boise river.  Every year it's a blast to get your friends together and soak up the sun for a couple of hours while being surrounded by cold water and some Boise scenery.

This weekend, however, Boise Police stepped up their presence on the river.

According to Idaho's News Channel 7, last weekend, Boise Police had to deal with a fight on the river that resulted in both injuries and arrests--this is something that I think we could all agree just doesn't belong in our city, let alone the river.

Some rules to keep in mind (and the ones that Boise Police are going to be enforcing) include alcohol control (you can't have alcohol on the river, or within 250 feet of the river) and jumping off of bridges (which yes, is legal, if no floaters below are within 50 feet of your fall).

Happy floating and stay safe out there, Boise!

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