Ask anyone living in the Treasure Valley about "Ada Sheriff" and they will probably know what you are talking about. The Ada County Sheriff's Office, 24-hours a day and 7-days a week, post up real-time mugshots of folks being booked into the Ada County Jail. Checking this "roster" is all too common of a practice in town.

After hearing from several people that "something must have gone down yesterday"--the arrest report proved that to be true, as you can see below: 

Boise Police Arrest 11 in Secret Operation

Here in the Treasure Valley, we aren't used to seeing large groups of arrests or frankly, any serious crimes. On Tuesday, September 21st, however, the Boise Police Department hauled in 11 arrests in one successful "sting" operation.

Yes, the Boise Police Department teamed up with the Idaho State Police to execute, at a secret Boise location, an operation to 'reduce demand' of sex trafficking in the Treasure Valley.

Seeing a charge for prostitution in Boise isn't too common but that doesn't mean that human trafficking doesn't go on in our city. If anything, this is a harsh reminder that there are victims here in the Treasure Valley--along with individuals willing to prey on them.

The men that were arrested in conjunction with this undercover operation by Boise Police and the Idaho State Police were:

- Saverio Paul Mancieri, 71, Star, ID

- Jerry Deon Reiner, 33, Pocatello, ID

- Jose R Montenegro, 35, Wilder, ID

- Frank Ramos Moran, 34, Portland, OR

- David Richard Lockwood, 69, Boise, ID

- Chadwick Vaughn Jolley, 48, Kuna, ID

- Gerardo Escobar-Rodriguez, 37, Mountain Home, ID

- Thomas David Matthews, 40, McCall, ID

- Gabriel Castillo, 40, Arleta, CA

- Abdul Kwitonda, 34, Boise, ID

- Madison Dean Guernsey, 30, Boise, ID

In a statement released by the Boise Police Department, Detective Mike Miraglia said:

Our focus for this operation was to reduce the demand for prostitution in the Treasure Valley. Prostitution is not a victimless crime and targeting the buyers of commercial sex is one way to make an impact on the bigger problem of human trafficking and stop it from happening in our city.

If you or someone you know is impacted by human trafficking, aside from calling 911, resources include FACES of Hope and the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

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