Just over a week has gone by since tragedy struck the City of Boise at the Towne Square Mall, where one man shot and killed two and injured more.

City of Boise Chief of Police Brian Lee said in a statement just yesterday, November 2nd:

Over the last week, I and many other officers have heard from community members about how last week’s events disrupted their sense of safety.  Whether the comments came from our friends and family, from community partners, or from the hundreds of people we make contact with every day, it’s clear that last week’s events left a significant impact on the community of Boise.

The statement clearly resonates with everyone here in the Treasure Valley--whether you've lived here your entire life or if you moved here a week ago. It was so unsettling to see something on the news that unfortunately, over the years, we have grown accustomed to seeing happen elsewhere on a disgusting frequency.

One solution that Chief Lee offered our community for an added layer of security was a reminder of "community" and "Neighborhood" offers that are available to the public.

If you are looking for someone to talk to and ask questions about safety in Boise, our neighborhood contact officers are available to meet with community groups.

The Boise Police Department has officers assigned to neighborhoods and areas of town that are always available for contact should you have any safety concerns.

Members of our community should also know that there are officers assigned to the following "communities" within the City of Boise:

Officer Jessica Knarr
Refugee Liaison

Officer Blake Slater
NAACP Liaison

Officer Dan Lister
LGBTQ Liaison

Officer Ed Moreno
Hispanic Community Liaison

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