In a stretch of crime that the Treasure Valley just isn't used to seeing, Boise Police and investigators are left wondering what on earth was going on last weekend.

Four homes in a newer neighborhood near Spurwing Country Club were broken into while their owners were away. The criminals, according to Police, targeted bedrooms and offices in the homes, where they stole cash, jewelry, guns, and other valuables.

Police believe that the homes were being monitored for some time in order to tell who was away and one common thread among all of them homes was that they backed up to a dark, empty field.

In a press release from the Ada County Sheriff's Office, authorities shared:

Now that we are about to enter the holiday season and people will be traveling, it would be a good time to review safety and security plans if you’ll be away.  Consider getting a house sitter or having neighbors keep an eye on your property.  You and your neighbors know when something strange is happening in your neighborhood, and if your instinct is telling you something is wrong, you should call Ada County Dispatch at (208) 377-6790 and let them know what is happening.

Police also recommend that with the weather coming and snow inevitably being on the ground, it is wise to have a friend or neighbor shovel your snow while away, to help it appear that someone is home. These visit can also include picking up packages that may be outside--or re-direct them if you must have them delivered while away.

Have any info on the strange series of burglaries? Contact local police.

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