It was a Monday morning and I was running LATE to work. A luxury living as close to work as I do is that I can get from my front door to my office in about 3-4 minutes if there are no red lights. A quick drive up Parkcenter Boulevard and I'm there. As you may be able to understand--you don't always drive "slow" when you're running late and that certainly was the case for me. In the 2 mile span from home to the office, I got caught speeding--guilty as charged I was sent off with a ticket and an awful start to my day. I'll never speed on that road again.

Perhaps you have a similar experience of you just have a "lead foot" as they say. It may be time to watch yourself--if for no other reason, patrols are picking up.

Boise Police shared on Facebook this evening that the crackdown on speeders is REAL, especially when it comes to inbound and outbound traffic from I-84. They wrote:

One spot where we continually see dangerous driving behavior is on inbound/outbound I-184 and in the downtown core. During two days of special patrols focusing on that area between 7pm and 1am officers stopped 183 drivers and issued 158 citations. Citations were issued for speeding, excessive speeding, equipment violations, license violations, unregistered vehicles and no insurance.

That is a TON of citations in such a short amount of time. The department also shared photos of their radar guns which read speeds as high as 112 miles per hour. Who goes that fast in Boise!?


As much as we'll "joke" about being cautious of receiving a speeding ticket, what is most important is the safety of yourself and the other drivers on the road. Be safe out there, Treasure Valley!

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