Valentine's Day is coming up and if you're in a relationship, situationship, or an entanglement--it's time you realize that so you don't mess it up!  I, like many, don't really love much about the day all Ironic, much? Commercialized expectations of flowers, gifts, and the color red just seem so forced when if you're really "in it" with someone shouldn't you be doing these things on the regular anyway?

In a year where NOTHING has been normal, maybe making some plans this year is the move? Doing something a little different? Well, if any of those plans have a "virtual" or "online" aspect to them, the Boise Police Department is hoping that you will be a little extra cautious.  EVERYTING over the last year has seemed to adopt a virtual layer to it-- so what kinds of trouble could you find yourself in this time of year online? Boise Police have a few things to watch for.

Beware of an "officer" or "dad" calling on behalf of someone that you met online demanding money. Boise Police say that they have had TWO victims here locally report this type of incident. Both instances claimed that a fake police officer was saying they were talking to underage females and that their parents called the police.

Beware of online and long distance relationships with people that you have not met in person asking for money. This happens often: someone you met online builds a relationship and trust with you and then asks that you help them with bills or buy them gifts. This is a quick way to get scammed.

Beware pf sending explicit photos to anyone you meet online. This is an obvious one. You don't know who is on the other side of that screen. Protect yourself. Want to sell some pics? Use OnlyFans like a real millennial.

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