For the third--maybe fourth year in a row now, pride flags have been stolen, vandalized, and damaged along Boise's iconic Harrison Boulevard.

Here we go again, Boise. What on earth is the deal with some people?

Reports came from local pride event organizers just this morning that a total of 20 or more flags were stolen or damaged along Harrison Boulevard. Who is doing this? Why is this being done again? Can't we all just grow up.

Recent (and toxic) political back and forth from all over the political spectrum over the last few years has really escalated the hate and divisiveness that surrounds "pride"--and it's extremely unnecessary. More times than not, this just results in bullying and harassment of local members of our LGBTQ+ community.

What we're struggling to understand is why people continue to partake in the malicious behavior. It doesn't matter what is flying from the flag poles--to go out of ones own way to damage things on the streets of our city--especially one of our most iconic streets--is just childish.

Don't agree with Pride Month? That's fine. Mind your own business.

Enjoy Pride Month? That's fine. Enjoy yourself and let the haters hate.

The people that re damaging this flags are bullies. Immature bullies. And leaving an unsightly, illegal, and harassing mess on our streets is a crime. Breaking news: loving someone of the same sex, is not.

Boise is far too great of a city to have this petty back and forth going on and it's a total disappointment, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, that once again this kind of act has taken place.

Are we not more mature than this, Boise?

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call investigators at Ada County Dispatch-- the phone number is 208-377-6790.

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