It was only a matter of time until the realities of college football today blew winds of change at Boise State.  What nobody expected was for it to happen within an hour of a new head coach being announced.

Just this afternoon, Boise State announced that Spencer Danielson will be the head football coach. The excitement and energy around this announcement has been slightly deflated, as the team's starting quarterback has said he's entering the transfer portal.

Taylen Green, the standout Sophomore who can scramble unlike any quarterback Boise State has seen in recent history, might just be scrambling his way to another program.

Here's a look at what's being said online: 



Could the Sophomore quarterback return to Boise State? Some say that there is indeed a chance. In his announcement, the quarterback says that he is NOT closing the door on Boise. But you have to wonder: will money play a role? Many of the programs reaching out to him are in major conferences and have far greater NIL (money) resources.

Other programs are going to be putting A LOT on the table for this guy--can Boise State re-recruit and re-charm Green? Only time will tell.

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