What the seeds!?

If you have ever ordered items online, you know that sometimes things can get mixed up. One time I got a lamp in the mail from Amazon Prime instead of my shoes...and they didn't want me to ship it back so I'm still stuck with that lamp to this day! Residents around Boise have been getting some random packages lately--not from Amazon Prime, but from China.

Officials say they have no idea what's up with the mystery seeds, but residents are getting them.

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture cites 20 Idaho residents have received a package, shipped from China, containing seeds. They didn't say what the mystery seeds were, but they're looking into it. Officials are advising anyone in the area or beyond that gets these in the mail to not open the seed packaging and definitely do not plant them.

If you see these in your mailbox or doorstep, contact the Department of Agriculture at 208-373-1600

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