It isn't a headline you'll see everyday or perhaps, ever. Here in Boise, however, it seems like a headline of this nature just makes sense, in the strangest of ways. Yes, the pun was intended.

The Boise internet has been warned: there's a badger on the loose right here in Boise and while he appears to be minding his own business--it's always best to keep an eye out and keep your distance.

Here's a closer look at what has been captured of the incident here in Boise!

Boise Badger On The Loose!

Have you seen this little chonk running around the Treasure Valley!?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

The badger seems to just want to hang out, enjoy his walk through town, and eventually get back to his family and friends someplace.

Sure, there's plenty of 'warning' involved with an incident like this. The badger roaming may make his way into a backyard where beloved pets like cats and dogs spend their days. No matter how ferocious either of those may be--they are no match for an angry badger.

This badger seems perfectly content and he doesn't seem mean at all--but that could change if anyone bothers him.

Warnings aside, the general sentiment of this little guy wandering around town has been pure entertainment. It isn't everyday that you see a badger in the wild, let alone walking along our sidewalks. He is definitely a chunky boy and watching him run along is really funny and entertaining. HIs hips are jiggling every which way!

We should also note that he was last seen near Raymond & Overland.

Here's the video, below, as shared with us courtesy of @Elmstatus on Instagram! 



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