The Boise River has dropped another 1,400 cfs since this time last week!  It's quickly approaching the flow that's considered safe for floating!

According to KTVB, the river is now floating at 1,800 cubic feet per second.  It traditionally opens for floating season once it reaches 1,500 cfs.  It very realistically could reach that level by the end of next week.

But that doesn't mean you should go throw your tube, raft or inflatable swan in the water just yet.  The Boise Fire Department had boats out on the river yesterday to start taking a look at how much debris is in the water on the floating stretch between Barber Park and Ann Morrison Park.

The once raging waters weren't kind to the trees along the river bank.  Some are now hanging very low with very unstable roots (we watched one almost take down power lines hear Municipal Park about a week ago) or have been totally pulled from the ground.  They're trying to find the tree limbs, trees and root balls hiding under the water so that floaters don't become tangled in those.  Once a raft is caught in debris it could lead to a catastrophic drowning event/

So with so much debris in the water, what's it going to take to get the river open? Because there's a lot more work than normal, Boise Fire has reached out to other organizations to help cut down trees, cut them into smaller pieces or remove them from the water.  Those organizations include Boise Parks and Rec, Fish and Game and the Division of Forestry.

Highs are supposed to remain in upper 90s for another week, but resist the urge to jump in the river just because you think the flows are safe.  If you do decide to float and need to be rescued, you'll be covering the cost of your own rescue because the river is still closed.

Until the river is safe, you can get your floating fix up north on the middle fork of the Payette.  Click the button below to find out more about floating near Garden Valley!

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