Fall is here, and that means a few things:

  • Everything is going to start to smell like Pumpkin Spice, whether you like it or not.
  • You're going to star hearing Christmas music like, now, even though it's way too early
  • Single folks are going to dive head-first into cuffing season

That's right. It's about to get Cufftastic in the Treasure Valley, and singles are looking to mingle!

If you're new to Boise, or perhaps finding yourself in a single situation suddenly, you may not be familiar with what dating is like in the City of Trees. Luckily, we're here to help.

Here's what locals are saying about the dating scene in Boise:

Nothing wrong with a single mom blasting some Morgan Wallen from her truck, right?


That's it. No details. No description. The dating scene is just...underwhelming and "meh."


Apparently, every single male over the age of 18 in Boise is taken and spoken for. Just so you know.


Honestly, we had a feeling we've been living in the matrix for a while. Thank goodness Twitter is here to clear things up!


And there you have it. Dating in Boise is pure nightmare fuel.


Do you agree with these takes? Is trying to find a decent partner in Boise really that difficult? Or are the above tweets just overexaggerating in an attempt to up their follower count? Let's connect and see what you think!

Oh, and happy cuffing season. May the person you end up with for a short time be a great cuddler.

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