New year, new me is what most of us are saying in hopes of a better version of ourselves in the new decade. While we're doing our best to start the year out strong our  jobs sector is killing it! Boise has been on so many top 10 list over the couple of years its almost like we're getting spoiled. The downside of America and the world discovering the Treasure Valley is the explosive growth that some think leads to a more competitive job market and higher unemployment as well as overcrowding which in turn lessens quality of life. Well thank goodness the naysayers are WRONG. Read and rejoice as you take in this little gem I found on

This time, a Wallethub study found Boise the tenth best city in the country for jobs, ahead of Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Orlando.

The methodology of the study compared 182 cities across the United States, including the top 150 most populated cities and the top biggest two cities in each state. To read the full methodology and how WalletHub calculated all 31 data points, click here.

Boise was also ranked third for the highest employment growth in the country

Life is good in Boise. Cheers.




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