Getting divorced isn't fun. It can be expensive, hectic, and super stressful.

This Boise-based company is looking to make that process a little bit easier.

Wevorce is a Treasure Valley startup founded in 2012 by Michelle Crosby, who is also the CEO of the company. Their mission:

We are dedicated to helping couples and families get through their divorce with less stress, less emotional impact, more peace and better preparedness for a new beginning. These pillars form the framework for the decisions we make, the work we do, the families we serve and the communities we help build.

Wevorce assists with all kinds of paperwork, smoothing things out betwixt lawyers and attorneys, and gathering all the documents you need to make your divorce final.

Seem a little macabre? Divorce is actually a booming business. According to, over 10% of American adults are divorced. That number is up from 8% just seven years ago. The scariest part is this number: On average, 41% of first marriages will end in divorce. If you decide to tie the knot a second time, 60% of second marriages end in a legal split. This gets pricey too. The average contested divorce costs around $15,000, and can take between three to six months to fully complete.

If you're considering a divorce, but aren't ready to go down that path just yet. Wevorce offers some really helpful tips in their blog for absolutely free.


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