There will always be the annoying Boise State haters when college football comes back in the fall. The people that say we're overrated here in Boise--the ones that will say the Broncos could never compete against big conference opponents game after game.

Well, over the years Boise State has proven those haters wrong-- yes, the team has lost a handful of times to those big programs. But who hasn't? This is a team that always competes.

Well, one measurement of how this program has grown, I believe, is the types of recruits that visit Boise State--a team known for finding those blue-collar players that big schools might overlook. Today, that's not the case.

A senior in high school from Gilbert, Arizona--Brock Purdy has been on Boise State's radar and in face, he received an offer to play Quarterback from the Broncos. He just visited officially, last weekend. Fast forward to this week--the 18-year-old has a full ride offer from the University of Alabama. The Crimson Tide, of course, won (and seemingly always win), the National Championship game.

Could he still choose Boise State? Only time will tell. More on Purdy, HERE.

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