Here's a fun Mateo fact: my first word was "basketball".

Here's another one: that in no way mean I was ever destined to be great or even good, at the sport. I have always, however, been a huge basketball fan. Especially in the world of college sports. Having graduated from a "basketball school" with a dominant Men's and Women's basketball program, there's nothing better than basketball season.

Boise State's basketball program, under the leadership of head coach Leon Rice has certainly been on the upward climb in recent years and next week, the men's basketball team will be hosting their first "Select Your Seat" open house style event. It's happening on Tuesday, August 28th at Taco Bell Arena.

Interested in buying tickets or season tickets for basketball this season? This event will let you check out available seats to make sure you've got the view perfect for you all season long.

Parking at the arena will be free and general public can head inside and scope seats for themselves from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Learn more, HERE.

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