The Boise State Broncos pulled an epic comeback against Colorado State last weekend in overtime. I watched an entire segment on ESPN about how the Broncos defied the odds AGAIN. The Associated Press and the USA Today polls left BSU out on Sunday. I wondered where the playoff system rankings would put the Broncos especially since Washington State keeps winning. I'm no sports fanatic, but I think the Broncos taking the Cougars to triple overtime might have been a factor. Then again, I have no idea. Here's what I know.

Boise State Broncos play in the Mountain West Championship on the blue turf.

This looks like it's going to happen if the Broncos continue to roll. The boys in blue have put up 41-41-59 points in the last three games. The guys are undefeated in the Mountain Conference and even if they lose one game I think the tiebreaker goes to the Broncos since it would be with Wyoming (which BSU beat.) If BSU beats Fresno State it would tie them with San Diego State in which Fresno would win that tiebreaker. Should be BSU vs Fresno State in the Mountain West Championship on the smurf turf. Don't scold me sports peeps. If everything thing plays out - that's what it looks like to me.

Bowl Bound

The Broncos still look like it's the Las Vegas Bowl against ????? Oregon Ducks? Stanford? Let's just take it, Air Force, first, Fresno State, and then win the Mountain West Championship on the blue. Military Appreciation will be emotional for some and that triple option is a beast against BSU. Fresno State won't be easy playing on the Bulldogs home field. One thing is for sure - It's exciting to see the fans hype again!

How to Win Tickets to This Weekend's Game Against Air Force

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