This college football season is going to be an interesting setup for Bronco Nation. The Broncos inched out a win against Marshall on Friday night 14-7. Yes, BSU only put up two touchdowns during a primetime showing and the only ranked team playing on a Friday night.

The game was slow and a grinder yo! There were several missed opportunities and their #1 rusher was barely used throughout the game. Running back Robert Mahone put up 14 rushing yards versus the 142 and 2 touchdowns the week prior against Power 5 ACC Florida State University. The Broncos had touchdowns come back due to penalty and they missed a field goal that would have been gold the week prior.

Go ahead and dissect the game for the gamers because it doesn't matter to me. BSU could have scored in the last few minutes but decided to stand down and let the clock run out. It's obvious Coach Harsin didn't care about style points on Friday because a win is a win. The now ranked #22 Boise State Broncos have now moved up in several polls and face Portland State on Saturday. A win is a win or like they say, "A W is a W".

Marshall v Boise State
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What does all this stuff mean to an average viewer or a transplant that is used to watching an NFL team? This equates to good. The Broncos held Marshall to only 7 points and if you sift through the highlights you'll see this could have been a 35-7 game. I think people voting look at BSU's freshman quarterback, some mistakes and strength of schedule while making these moves. BSU really does look good and these guys really need some sellouts moving forward.

I'm not pitched for the University. It's just energy that can propel a team and this weekend will be a tell for the Broncos. They need to demolish Portland State to show they aren't just inching by in these games. BSU needs to blast PS on Saturday!

The Broncos have a manageable schedule moving forward is they can fix some of these miscues holding them back. They need their #1 rusher back, pull back on some penalties and blast some fools to move that ranker "all the way up!"

Here are what they have coming up and some things to watch for.

  • 9/14 Portland State at BSU - WIN
  • 9/20 Airforce at BSU - WIN
  • 10/5 BSU at UNLV - WIN
  • 10/12 Hawaii at BSU - WIN (they look pretty tough right now. BSU inches out a win)
  • 10/19 BSU at BYU - WIN
  • 11/2 BSU at San Jose State - WIN
  • 11/9 Wyoming at BSU - WIN
  • 11/16 New Mexico at BSU - WIN
  • 11/23 BSU at Utah State - WIN
  • 11/29 BSU at Colorado State - WIN

Boise State could run the table but we really don't know yet. We only put up 14 points on the blue in the home opener. It's been years since the blue turf was almost impossible to win on. Let's see how this freshman matures as we roll on. The hardest game I see is Airforce in a few weeks on the blue. If BSU demolishes Portland State and destroys Airforce, we have a season.

The pollsters are saying Utah State and BYU will be the toughest tests for the Broncos. Let's see but for now, we are 2-0 and ranked #22. We'll take that!

Pollsters also give the Broncos a Cotton Bowl appearance against Notre Dame. I wouldn't drop any cash on that quite yet! I've posted the highlights from the game in the case you missed it. Enjoy!

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