Boise State athletics are getting a LOT of attention these days. First, a search for a new Athletic Director was announced some time ago. That search, while high profile in town, wasn't that big of a mainstream talking point until the unthinkable happened: hometown kid and head football coach Bryan Harsin announced he was leaving town to coach in the SEC for Auburn. The coaching jump was a major move and left a lackluster Boise State football program a little confused.

After a rough season-- two very difficult losses and NO bowl game, Boise State and their crowned jewel, the football program that dominates on a world-famous blue turf was left with no real leadership. With no Athletic Director at the helm and no head football coach--all eyes have been on Boise State.

While everyone is talking non-stop about what is next for the blue turf--head basketball coach Leon Rice and his team have been making some serious moves. Can these guys get some love!?

The men's basketball team at Boise State are currently 8-1, leading the Mountain West Conference rankings, and the only loss came to a nationally ranked team (#17) Houston by TEN POINTS. Something is bubbling on the hardwood and I think it's time that the city acknowledge it!

It is also worth noting that some of the "experts" are noticing Boise State as well. In the latest Top 25 rakings, Boise State received votes for ranking, placing them around #5 or so, approximately.

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