I'm not here to fire shots but it's time we answer the question, Treasure Valley. Are Boise State fans REALLY that dedicated or when it comes down to it, is this fan base a bunch of fair-weather fans? Critics and fans alike have their opinions but with this upcoming Boise State football season, we're about to find out.

In years past, the program--like any program--would encourage the fan base to show up, to make noise, to "fill the stands"!  But in recent history, I don't recall a challenge like the type put forth by new Athletic Director Jaramiah Dickey.  Dickey, new to the Boise State program, has said time and time again that the Broncos has 6 home games--and all 6 need to sell out.

Sell. Out.

Local Boise State expert B.J. Rains--who I always turn to for "the dirt" if you will, remains optimistic as he shared the news:

The honest truth is, there's nothing exciting about UTEP and having 83% of the seats sold is truly saying something. Will the Boise State fans be able to step up and get the remaining 6,202 tickets sold in time for kick off? If so, will all of the seats end up with some butts in them? Only time will tell. 

By the way, if we miss the mark on this one... 6 sell outs in 6 games will have to wait for another year. 

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