Bad snaps, interceptions, sacks, and throw in the kitchen sink contributed to Boise State's 41-31 disappointing home loss to Nevada at Albertson's Stadium.

The Broncos appeared to be winded in the second half as Nevada took the lead in the third quarter and eventually pulling away from the Broncos on the Blue. The last time the Broncos lost to the Wolfpack at home was in 1997. Was anyone using the internet back then?

Once again, Boise State lacked a running game rushing for only 22 yards in the game. The Broncos went toe to toe with the Wolfpack leading 21-20 at the end of the first half. Then the bottom fell out as two bad snaps, several sacks, a dismal running game, interceptions led to to the Broncos falling to 2-3 for the first time since 2001.

The highlight for most Bronco fans was not a play on the field but a fan who eluded security for at least fifty yards on the Blue. Some folks on Twitter suggested that the team should look at giving him a scholarship. The Broncos now face the BYU Cougars, who are undefeated.

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So who's to blame? The coaches are new to coaching football at this level. The national media said in a very nice way that the coaches need to do a better job. It also appears that the Broncos were out of shape at the end of the game. The offense usually dictates the game's pace, so it was odd to see them gassed during their last touchdown drive.

Hank Bachmeier deserves better from the Boise State staff. How many times have we seen him take vicious hits year after year? The Broncos quarterback threw for 388 yards and four touchdowns. Hank always answers the call. His coaches need to match his commitment to the game.

Could it get worse?  Remember we reported on one college football expert who predicted that the Broncos could start the season 2-4.  You can read that story here.

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