I'll never forget the night Boise State won their first Fiesta Bowl. I was at the game with my family watching as Ian Johnson ran the historic play into the end zone, following of course, a series of trick plays that nobody could believe went as perfect as they did. The culture that it took for this program to achieve such an accomplishment and the culture that followed a victory on such a large stage has been one to compare to some of the most historic in the country.

With that big win, and many to follow, Boise State's following and enthusiasm continued to grow. And with that came a demand for stadium expansion and increased ticket sales. Then of course, the result was more sold tickets.

The dominance of Boise State football hasn't dwindled, as the program still leads the NCAA in several total win categories and percentages, however this season the university is seeing something they haven't seen since 2006-- a crowd size of less than 30,000 in the stadium.  Albertson's Stadium holds 36,387 seats and for the home opener against Troy two weeks ago, just over 31,000 of those were filled. Coming off of a loss at Washington State and going into a weeknight game, filled seats aren't looking good for Boise State, however an uptick is what school and program officials are hoping for.

With New Mexico on the blue tomorrow night and plenty of seats available, hopefully you will want to add to the headcount and cheer on the Broncos! To get single game tickets, click HERE.

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