In 2015, Boise State experimented with "The Huddle" at the Caven-Williams Sports Complex only to have it killed by the Idaho Board of Education before the 2016 season.

But "The Huddle" and a new basketball cousin could be making a comeback! According to Channel 2, the Idaho Board of Education voted take another look at where they could expand their policy regarding beer and wine sales on campuses like Boise State, Idaho State and University of Idaho.

They decided to allow sales at designated on-campus venues which include the Double R Ranch Club at Taco Bell Arena, Stueckle Sky Center (not too much of a change there as corporate sponsors for the university and their friends could always enjoy a drink in the Stueckle Sky Center seating,) Allen Noble Hall of Fame Gallery, the Alumni and Friends Center and the former home of "The Huddle," the Caven-Williams Sports Complex.

They also agreed to allow beer and wine at tailgate parties before games. With the stars aligning, it would seem like BSU could resurrect "The Huddle."  In it's first incarnation, local craft beer and wine was available for purchase three hours before kick-off until 30 minutes before game time.  Anyone that had a ticket for that day's game was able to check out the party, local food truck grub and the day's other big games on HDTVs set up around the sports complex.

Unfortunately, if they did want to bring it back it wouldn't be for the 2017 season.  Amending the Idaho Board of Education's alcohol policies would take one more reading of the proposed amendments and another vote in October. For the Broncos, that means they could start planning a basketball party for the 2017-2018 season!

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