Tragedy struck just shy of a month ago now, in the small, safe, and quiet community of Moscow, Idaho. A town where crime seldom happens and just about everyone knows each others' name--news reports broke out of a quadruple homicide just steps away from the campus of the University of Idaho. The off-campus house, which was home to at least four University of Idaho students, is where four slain students were found by authorities. Now, the entire globe is captured by this heart wrenching story and everyone is wanting answers.

In a time where there isn't much for the public to do but to hope for the best from investigators, state "rivals" Boise State & their hockey team is hoping to show support by raising funds for a University of Idaho cause.

The Bruce & Kelly Pitman Emergency Fund provides financial help to students at the University of Idaho who are experiencing emergency situations--and ALL collected funds go directly to students.

Certainly, there is always a need for something like this but these days, coming together for the U of I is crucial.

"Please help us show our support for our fellow Idaho university students and staff, along with their families, by attending these games and donating to this important cause" says Boise celebrity at Boise State Hockey Booster, Rocci Johnson.

Learn more and scan that QR code to donate, below:


The hockey game takes place tonight, downtown Boise, at 7:00 p.m. and it will be a great time!


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