Major changes to future Boise State football games are on the way as the university has announced some scheduling changes--some that many were looking forward to.

Have you ever heard of the University of Tennessee at Martin? Us either--but the Boise State Broncos will be dishing out over $400,000 to play them.  As the internet would say: 'Y Tho'?  The 'Skyhawks' of University of Tennessee at Martin is a program used to playing other schools that we have never heard of and typically loses--by big margins--when they play teams of Boise State's caliber, or larger.

On a much higher profile update, any games with Michigan State University--the big green Spartans, will be non-existent. The Broncos have dropped the home and away series with Sparty all together.

At first sight, this seems like a total buzzkill. Just the Michigan State brand alone is so huge in the world of NCAA sports.  The team that Boise State will be replacing them with? We're looking at the University of Washington Huskies.

Something about the Huskies isn't as exciting. They're close, they're familiar, we've played them before--but what about Michigan State?

Hear me out on this: in the last FIVE years, the Huskies have been to THREE major bowl games: The Peach Bowl, The Fiesta Bowl, and The Rose Bowl, respectively. As for Michigan State? No major bowl games in the last five years and only one real "winning" season out of them all.

Taking on the University of Washington ,statistically, is a much stronger move for Boise State and the football program. It also helps that UW will be paying over $3 million to the Broncos for this series.

Don't get TOO excited, this series doesn't begin until 2023 but we're ready, regardless!


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