Looking to get some season tickets to Boise State football this season? Expectations are high and many are saying this could be the year Boise State breaks back into the major bowl games--maybe even the playoff.

Boise State unveiled a new option today for hardcore Bronco fans that don't want to miss any home-game action! I think the idea is pretty brilliant and the best part is, they're very affordable!

The Blue Collar Pass, as they have named it, is for those fans that just don't want to miss a game and have no attachment to any particular seats. For $150, you can secure a Blue Collar Pass and be at every home game, with seats to be assigned 48 hours before the game. You can experience games from different seats every game and not miss a moment of the Boise State action.

If you purchase passes together-- no need to worry, the ticket office will make sure they're seated together each and every time, so you and your friends or family won't be separated.

To learn more and get your pass, click HERE.

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