Boise State fans are once again feeling snubbed--as a power conference totally overlooks the Broncos amid expansion conversations.

Who has surpassed the Broncos under a spotlight that at one point in time, was all theirs?

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Those are some really great teams. 

So what's going on with all of this conference re-alignment? The truth is, nobody really knows and as is usual  in the sports world, there is plenty of speculation. What we do know, is that the Pac-12 needs to add some teams to their conference and they need to do so before they start negotiating new media contracts--plus, they're going to need a strong and lucrative addition or two in order to keep the likes of the University of Oregon and the University of Washington interested in staying--their biggest programs, arguably.



With visits happening at San Diego State--one of Boise State's greatest foes and at SMU, a team that has really stolen some mid-major spotlight from Boise state over recent years.

Boise's television market is weak compared to both of these schools and despite the world-famous blue turf, it seems these conferences just aren't too interested. The question becomes, does Boise State really need to change conferences? With football playoff expansion on the way--being in a bigger conference may actually decrease their chances at making that and in regards to Basketball, the conference is quite strong and the program is holding its own for a run in March.

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Some new foes and familiar faces await the Broncos.











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