It's interesting, the fan base that comes along with one particular video that has been gone for a very long time now. You may remember, if you're a football fan, when you could play EA Sports NCAA College Football on your Xbox or PlayStation gaming system.

To this day, I cannot say that I am any sort of a video gaming guy. In fact, I haven't owned a video gaming system since I was a kid. The only reason I had that ORIGINAL Xbox, however, was to play this one game.

Growing up in the Treasure Valley or honestly anywhere in Idaho, I have always felt that we are missing the real passion of having professional sports team.  While the Seahawks and the (Denver) Broncos seems to be popular teams regionally for our area, folks like myself who never grew up around professional sports really don't have the true passion for these types of teams. I think the lack of that is why Boise State has always been able to capitalize so well on their success-- it's the biggest thing here.

My enthusiasm for Boise State football as a kid was pretty intense, especially after the iconic Fiesta Bowl. That's why I got an Xbox...LITERALLY just to play NCAA College Football and pretend to be the Broncos. You may also recall that former Quarterback Jared Zabransky was actually the cover model for the video game after that big win against Oklahoma-- possibly one of the most iconic branding opportunities for Boise State, ever.

College football fans and video game fans in general have begged for the return of this game from EA Sports which was discontinued due to NCAA intricacies. Today, the tease of its return by EA sports became official and the internet is going wild. Even Boise State's Football account shared the news:

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