The girls were roommates at Boise State and are now opening a downtown restaurant with a Hawaiian feel with their families. This may, you could find yourself saying "Paddles Up". 

9th and Idaho is where a new restaurant is being born. Owners Dan and Jordan have always dreamed of opening up a great place to eat downtown Boise. The wives of Dan and Jordan were roommates at Boise State and they introduced the guys to each other.

The two families are now waiting for May 1st when Paddles Up Poke opens.

Maybe I should back things up a bit. What's poke? I wanted to know the same thing. Poke (pronounced "poh-kay") is described as a fish salad. In this case, you can choose between tuna or salmon and then more is added to the bowl. If you're in Hawaii, poke is often an appetizer. In this case, it's a bowl that can be eaten as a meal.

9th and Idaho via Google Maps
9th and Idaho via Google Maps

Get your order ready. You'll choose raw tuna or salmon. If you aren't into the raw fish idea, go with shrimp or scallops. You'll add vegetables and other ingredients to make it taste exactly how you want it.

That, my friends is poke.

I'm really really hungry right now.

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