There is a lot to prove for the Boise State Broncos this fall and while it's easy to point out all of the work that is cut out for them--it's just as easy to assume they will overcome the challenge. Here in Boise, we're all hoping that is the case at least--we miss seeing the Broncos on the big stage--it has been a while!

We're so used to seeing Boise State get that football preseason love and this year, it simply isn't there. Last week we shared with you that the Broncos were totally snubbed by the Coaches Poll.  This week, we're here to tell you that "the big one"--the AP Poll, has completely overlooked Boise State football in their preseason rankings, as well.

The Broncos are merely in the honorable mention column, coming in around #34, while their biggest opponent, Oklahoma State University, comes in at #26. Remember when that BIG, RANKED preseason game was always the most anticipated thing of the season? So far, that isn't the case.

By the time kickoff is happening, one or both of these teams may have cracked their way into the rankings but for now, it seems this game is only being anticipated by the teams who will be playing.

Some other games that would normally be big are ALSO seeing a lack of Top 25 love.

Nevada, BYU, and UCF all find themselves out of the rankings and merely an "honorable mention" as well.

Hopefully, by the time many of these games come, there will be a little more spotlight on the Broncos but for now, there's work to be done and we're all trusting our new leader, Andy Avalos!

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